The Best Trucking Companies for New Drivers


Trucks are the red blood cells of the continental arteries known as highways. Despite the vast coverage of railways, trucks are still the primary mode of transportation of goods.

Truck driving can be a lucrative profession if one is aware of the intricacies of the trucking business. A lot of truckers are reaping the benefits of making the right choices when it comes to choosing the right trucking company for their career as a professional truck driver.


A truck driver needs to have certain qualifications before her or she can be licensed to drive a large machine which weighs a few hundred tons. The parameters are different for different companies.

In the United States, certain laws may vary by state but a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is mandatorily required to professionally operate any of the following Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV):

1.      Class A. Any vehicle or combination of vehicles that have a minimum total weight of 11,794 kilograms or more (26,001 pounds).

2.      Class B. Any single vehicle that has a minimum total weight of 11,794 kilograms or more (26,001 pounds), or any such vehicle which is towing such a vehicle.

3.    Class C. Any vehicle that does not follow under either of the previously mentioned categories but has the seating capacity of at least 16 persons including the driver, or is carrying hazardous material.

Trucking companies are notorious for exploiting their employees, especially long-haul truckers who are on the road for weeks on end. It is also difficult for drivers who have recently acquired their CDLs to find a job.

Lack of experience is a huge obstacle for young drivers who are trying to etch a living out of trucking. Most of them spend a lot of hours in school to get their CDLs and are on the lookout for a job behind the wheels.

It is important that budding truckers are aware of the companies which provide opportunities to new drivers. Here are the best trucking companies for new drivers. If you need more information read on this resource

Top-5 Benchtop Thickness Planers

Dewalt DW734_benchtop thickness planer

For any woodworker, whether for a hobby or profession, one of the greatest and important tools that you need in your workshop is a benchtop thickness planer. It is used to create a smooth surface on a board or rough lumber, to create a level and consistent thickness across the full length of the lumber, and in making both sides of lumber or board parallel.

It also can be used to shape into the desired size any kind of wood. There are a lot of brands and types of benchtop thickness planers on the market today and below are 5 of the best.


DEWALT DW735X_benchtop thickness planer

This machine features a 15-amp motor turning at a speed of 20000RPM. The cutterhead also spins at a speed of 10000RPM. This enables the plane to cut any kind and size of wood with relative ease and without straining the motor. The cutterhead consists of three knives, which are durable and when they get dull, can be replaced with the bonus set that comes with the Dewalt DW735X.

The Dewalt DW735X has a 2-speed gearbox system with speeds of 96CPI (cuts per Inch) and 179CPI. The former is used for dimensioning while the latter is for the finishing cut. It also features a depth stop which allows you to fix a depth which you don’t go beneath, this helps to prevent you from planing a lumber thinner than you wanted. This planer also has the best fan-assisted dust ejection which helps a lot during planing. This is one of the best planers

Dewalt DW734

Dewalt DW734_benchtop thickness planer

Similar to Dewalt DW735X with 20000RPM motor and 10000RPM cutterhead. It consists of 3 reversible knives, which can be flipped over when one side if blunt. It also features a depth stop to enable you to achieve the exact measurement you want. It also has snipe prevention mechanism, in form of a black bar located above the cutterhead assembly which locks it down. It is a budget planer when compared to the DW735X

WEN 6550 Benchtop thickness planer

WEN 6550 Benchtop thickness planer

This machine has a 15-amp motor combined with a 2-blade cutting system running at 18000 cuts per minute. Another important aspect of the WEN 6550 is the super smooth granite table. This combined with the heavy-duty cast iron base, makes it steady and rigid, preventing it from wobbling when in operation.

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How to Buy the Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Gasoline trimmers

A good home is defined by how well the garden and the hedge are kept. It represents the image of the people living in that home. When it comes to keeping the garden or the hedges in good condition; cutting some branches and trimming of hedges, you may find it hard and time-consuming when working with manual tools. You need to find better tools that can save time and effort like the corded electric hedge trimmer. (more…)

How to Make Your Air Compressor Last Longer

Longevity is what everybody would like to have from any product they buy. This is more so when machines and tools are concerned. With complex tools such as air compressors, there is no guarantee that the equipment will last longer despite buying the best air compressor from a top-rated brand. If you don’t pay attention to the maintenance, there is no way of telling whether your air compressor will stand the testing of time. A compressor is a machine, and just like any other machine, it succumbs to repairs and wear and tear. However, you can increase the longevity of your equipment by following the below tips. (more…)

How to find good solar pool cover?

pool cover

Solar pool cover may look big expensive things in place of simple plastic or vinyl covering over the swimming pool to keep the pool warm and clean from the debris and rain. The fact is solar pool covers are simply amazing due to their multitasking which not only saves electricity you waste in heating your pool but also saves the environment, the energy you waste in cleaning your pool again and again.

solar pool cover

The solar pool cover is a cover over your open ground swimming pool that keeps your pool heated in the daytime and warm at night by trapping the heat in the water against the cool night air. The new technology, the advancement, and financial security bring positive changes in our life and one of them is high standard living style. It is now very common to have a swimming pool in the house, the one thing that has become the status symbol for so many people, but in all honesty, it is a great feature in a home. A swimming pool makes everything much greater but it needs care too. The number of people is pretty high who have a swimming pool in their house but unable to take care of it. It is best to invest in some investment where you can have long term and satisfied results. The solar pool cover is one such investment, but his big question is how to choose solar pool cover. (more…)