How to find good solar pool cover?

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Solar pool cover may look big expensive things in place of simple plastic or vinyl covering over the swimming pool to keep the pool warm and clean from the debris and rain. The fact is solar pool covers are simply amazing due to their multitasking which not only saves electricity you waste in heating your pool but also saves the environment, the energy you waste in cleaning your pool again and again.

solar pool cover

The solar pool cover is a cover over your open ground swimming pool that keeps your pool heated in the daytime and warm at night by trapping the heat in the water against the cool night air. The new technology, the advancement, and financial security bring positive changes in our life and one of them is high standard living style. It is now very common to have a swimming pool in the house, the one thing that has become the status symbol for so many people, but in all honesty, it is a great feature in a home. A swimming pool makes everything much greater but it needs care too. The number of people is pretty high who have a swimming pool in their house but unable to take care of it. It is best to invest in some investment where you can have long term and satisfied results. The solar pool cover is one such investment, but his big question is how to choose solar pool cover.

Here are the steps that will help you in finding a good solar pool cover for your swimming pool:

1. Thickness

The thickness of solar pool cover and simple cover may differ, but it is always good to go with more thickness. The solar pool covers are usually a little less thick compared to plastic pool cover due to their different uses, but a solar pool cover keeps your swimming pool clean and warm which saves not only water evaporation but a chemical reaction in the pool too.

2. Color and resistance for harmful rays

It may be a common assumption to buy the fully black cover or something in shades of aquamarine because black traps more heat and aquamarine look great with water, but choices are not so good when it comes to a real job. Black color traps the heat, but it is only good when water comes in contact with that heated sheet otherwise there is no use, similarly aquamarine just look only good and have no added benefit, on the other hand, transparent sheet lets the sun rays go through a heat the water.

The sheet should be UV resistible so that it can last long because solar pool cover without resistance deteriorates fast in open environment.

3. Size of your swimming pool

The solar pool cover is also depending on the size of your swimming pool. The cost of the sheet also differs with size as well as you will want to choose from automatic cover, semi-automatic or the fully manual one because of all three works little differently and also cost differently to the customer. Choose according to your budget and need.
It is up to you what you choose for your swimming pool when it comes to covering, but the fact is solar pool cover is much more beneficial than ordinary pool cover.

It may look burden to your pocket but think of it as a long-term investment that’s going to offer you more benefits than simple pool cover as well as it is good for investment in quality at once otherwise it going to cost you again and again. It not only heats your swimming pool in a day but also traps heat in the water at night. You can choose from a bubble cover or the plain one, both have a slight difference in design but almost work similarly.