How to Buy the Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Gasoline trimmers

A good home is defined by how well the garden and the hedge are kept. It represents the image of the people living in that home. When it comes to keeping the garden or the hedges in good condition; cutting some branches and trimming of hedges, you may find it hard and time-consuming when working with manual tools. You need to find better tools that can save time and effort like the corded electric hedge trimmer.


How to choose a hedge trimmer


There are many types of hedge trimmers in the market and they differ because of their purpose, type of work, size or area to use it and the type of property. Some hedge trimmers are perfect for small lawns on residential properties and others a made for large lawns on commercial properties. Others, depending on the height of the hedges and the type of hedges which could be either very dense or have thick branches.


Characteristics of hedge trimmers:


  • Noise levels: Most hedge trimmers have very high noise levels. You have to use earplugs while performing maintenance of hedges. While considering hedge trimmers, you have to think about the level of noise that you or your neighbors can tolerate.


  • The length and width of the blade: You should consider a long and wide blade so as to cover more ground and reach high heights while saving time and considering your comfort.


  • Weight of the hedge trimmer: Since you will have to be holding the trimmer as you work on the hedge, you should be able to cope with the weight during the whole time you will be working.


  • Vertical edging: consider a hedge trimmer that has a wrap holder or rotating head to enable you to change from a vertical position to a horizontal while cutting hedges.


  • Power: The power source is the main indicator of how powerful a hedge trimmer is. A corded electric hedge trimmer depends on the voltage that the hedge trimmer has and can handle different types of jobs.


  • Cost: The price tag on hedge trimmers are basically controlled by the power output and convenience. The cheapest hedge trimmer is the corded electric hedge trimmer with low voltage for simple jobs around the house garden that is priced at $30 while the powerful it is the price rises.


  • Ease of use: The easiest to use is the corded electric hedge trimmer that is you plug into the source of power and it starts. It requires very less maintenance compared to the gas hedge trimmers that are expensive and need constant maintenance.


  • Safety features: It is recommended for all novice users to use the simple light models with safety features and guide manual Some tools come with safety features from tooth extensions, cut-outs, hand guard, two-handed trigger mechanisms and many more. Every tool is dangerous when used in an improper way.


Advantages of corded electric hedge trimmer:


  • noise-free
  • easy to start
  • very powerful
  • doesn’t require fuel
  • lightweight
  • very safe
  • extendable model




  • limited reach
  • access to power outlet is required

Not that flexible due to the cord.