Philips Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

philips vacuum cleaner reviews

A vacuum cleaner is a necessary household appliance for most civilized people. In order to reliably evaluate all the basic consumer properties of a modern vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, we tested 2 popular samples in our laboratory under a single program.

Philips FC9331/09

Philips FC933109 Dammsugare test
One of the best in the ranking of vertical vacuum cleaners Philips FC 9174, has significant overall dimensions. The kit provides a large number of different tools for cleaning surfaces. One of the key among them is a special turbo brush that can easily clean the carpet or carpet from dirt in the form of dust or hair. The suction capacity is high, so there are practically no problems with cleaning. The vacuum cleaner has good sound insulation, there are handles and wheels on the body that facilitate its use. Weight – about 6.5 kg.


  • Effective cleaning in any operating mode;
  • By production, only reliable components are used, which make the service life as long as possible;
  • The case is stylish, made of durable plastic;
  • It has a large working radius;
  • Slight noise during operation;
  • Litter accumulates in a special container;
  • The presence of a special fine filter provides an additional air wash in the room.


  • Significant overall dimensions, which is why it is not very convenient to use;
  • The motor is not very reliable, protection against overheating sometimes does not work, but this defect, if it manifests itself, then in large areas with prolonged operation.

Philips Performer Expert FC8721/09

Philips Performer Expert FC872109 test

In the ranking of the best vacuum cleaners for the home, he takes an honorable fifth place, despite the fact that he is equipped with a bag for collecting dust. Power can be set using a special switch on the surface of the housing. The bag has a rather large volume – 4 liters. The output is protected by a fine filter. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a bag full indicator, the cord is reeled up automatically. Its maximum length is 9 m, so you can reach even the most remote corners of the apartment with a vacuum cleaner.


  • Perfectly drags dust from both smooth and fleecy surfaces;
  • The main nozzle has a swept shape, there is a bristle at the outer corners, which allows you to thoroughly clean all inaccessible places;
  • After using the vacuum cleaner, you may not need to carry out wet cleaning.


  • Slips poorly on the surface of the carpet;
  • At idle, it makes a little noise, but when working on the surface it makes a lot of noise;
  • The presence of a bag for collecting garbage, which is inconvenient to clean;
  • Not very high controllability;
  • Sometimes bristles fly out of a corner brush;
  • Weakened cord reeling mechanism;
  • There is no power adjustment on the handle.