Telescopic Hedge Trimmers

There are several criteria that will help potential buyers when buying hedge trimmers. These include:

  • the planned scope and complexity of the work;
  • distance from the power supply sources;
  • weight and noise level of the instrument;
  • the availability of hedge trimmers for comfortable belt elements and handles.

You should also take into account the material from which the body of the device is made. The most suitable is reinforced plastic. Its advantages:

  • lightness and reliability;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • non-compliance with corrosion;
  • simplicity of care.

Features of the functioning and selection of different models of trimmers

Telescopic Hedge Trimmers

Essentially, a hand-operated hedge trimmer is an advanced pruner. It has elongated handles and elongated knives. This simplifies the work with the tool. The average length of the hedge trimmer is approximately 0.5 m, including the cutting part – 0.2-0.25 m.

The sphere of application of hand tools is low hedges with thin branches, which are present on the site in a small amount. To trim tall and too long hedges, as well as thick branches, such hedge trimmers are not suitable. When cutting shrubs will quickly get tired hands, which will immediately affect the productivity of labor.

It is better to purchase a tool whose handles are equipped with rubber pads. Thanks to them, the hands will not slip, which will make the cutting of bushes more quality. The best models of hand hedge trimmers are the products of Gardena and RACO (Germany), GRINDA (China).

When working electric hedge trimmers do not emit exhaust fumes. Due to their light weight, even women can use them. And do it on stretched hands. The choice of instrument is influenced by:

  • location of the site;
  • total length of the fence.

It is advisable to use an electric hedge trimmer when the distance to the bushes does not exceed 30 m. Usually the maximum length of the cord of the device is 30 m. If the distance to the fence is much larger, then without an extension cord is indispensable.

And such a carpet cutter is not 100% safe. There is always a danger of contact with an electric current source. When working with a tool, often the legs become entangled in the wires. And in wet weather it is completely forbidden to use it.

The most popular models are hedge trimmers produced by AL-KO, Metabo and Bosch (Germany), Alpina (Italy) and Black & Decker (USA).

Cordless hedge trimmers are equipped with an autonomous battery, which is subject to periodic recharging. This tool is used when:

  • shrubs are located at a decent distance from the electrical network;
  • on the site there is a small amount of hedge.

In the presence of thick branches and a large amount of work, cordless hedge trimmers can not cope with pruning. It is necessary to recharge it very often. Approximately once in 40 minutes. And if there is a rapid and severe contamination of cutting elements, then the battery lasts only for 20-30 minutes. work.

The most optimal way to use a battery tool is to trim branches that have a thickness of up to 2 cm. If you need to trim higher green areas, it is better to use telescopic hedge trimmers. They are equipped with folding rods, thanks to which it is possible to cut off branches at a height of up to 3 m.